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Best natural lip balm

The Natural Lip Balm Showdown: Last Lip Balm Standing

Opting for an all natural lip balm was a no brainer for me. After all, my favorite facial feature is my lips. I got ’em from my mama and they’re fuller than most. Which is a great thing – except they lean toward dry, sensitive and have a tendency to crack and bleed, especially in […]

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best organic eyeshadow brands

Eye Love These 5 Natural, Organic Eyeshadow Brands

Finding the right organic eyeshadow is a tricky business. When you have so many new companies jumping on the bandwagon, how can you tell what’s the real deal? What’s actual natural eyeshadow and what’s just a pack of dirt somebody decided to stick a label on? You’re bound to find stuff that doesn’t work, stuff […]

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Top 3 Organic Dry Shampoo Brands for Fresh, Lovely-Smelling Hair

Organic dry shampoo is green beauty’s answer to the ever-popular dry shampoo movement. So simple yet so freaking helpful, dry shampoo’s become somewhat of a recent trend. But did you know that this stuff’s been around for centuries? Yea, the first historical reference to dry shampoo dates around the late 15th century with people in […]

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best organic eyeliner

6 Best Natural Eyeliner Picks for Paraben-Free Peepers

There’s good reason to start with a natural eyeliner when you’re replacing your makeup cabinet with greener picks. The number one reason? Eyeliner is amazing. Whether you’re making it up all fancy-like or just using it to define your lash lines, nobody should be without it. It can completely change your aesthetic and make your […]

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best organic

7 Best Natural Concealer Brands for Pure, Flawless Skin

The thing we love most about the best natural concealer brands currently on the market is that they don’t just provide great coverage. They go miles beyond that, with ingredients that actually help your skin and not just cover it up. And you know how important that can be. Concealers are like the ultimate cheat […]

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best organic lip gloss brands

7 Organic Lip Gloss Brands to Love

Organic lip gloss combines two of the things we love best: the perfect daytime lip color with none of the toxins. And that’s a wonderful thing because lip gloss is back in full force. Not surprising since it’s the perfect product to lend just the right amount of plumpy pout to even the most toned […]

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best organic lipstick brands

Beyond Lead Free Lipstick: 9 Natural, Organic Lipstick Brands We Love

On the hunt for the best lead free, organic lipstick to slather on? Clever cookie, you. Non toxic lipstick is definitely the smartest place to start when it comes to green beauty. By now, we’ve all sort of processed the fact that commercial, synthetic brands put a whole lot of rubbish in their makeup that […]

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the best natural mascara

The Definitive Guide to Natural Mascara

When it comes to green beauty, natural mascara is a must have. Why? For the simple reason that your mascara is like your second in command – it gets even better access to your eyes than your eyeliner or eyeshadow does, so you need to be able to trust it. Nobody wants your lovely sight […]

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best organic bronzer picks

7 Best Natural and Organic Bronzer for the Perfect Bronze Glow

The time to pick up that perfect natural and organic bronzer is now. We’re well into summer, and those of you who were too lazy to get a proper tan – or who burn before they tan, bless your souls – know what that means. It’s time to cheat a little. Bronzer is perfect for […]

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9 natural deodorants that work

9 Natural Deodorants that Work as Hard as Your Workouts

Let’s be real here; we would be nowhere without our deodorants. A good deodorant is like the ultimate cheat sheet. You’re a little smelly after the gym? Deodorant. You slept in your sweat last night because the weather decided to do a 180 and you can’t handle heat (I mean, theoretically speaking, of course)? Deodorant! […]

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