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Why Natural Eye Makeup is a No Brainer

You might not realize it, but you put a lot of trust into your eye makeup. Your trusty mascara or eyeliner gets VIP access to one of the most vulnerable and sensitive area on your body every morning and is left basically unsupervised. This, along with the fact that eye makeup (mascara especially) flakes off a lot more than you think it does, means that you need a heavy dose of TLC to ensure that nothing goes wrong with those beautiful peepers of yours.

Woes of woes, you’re probably not getting that. If you’re using a mass-produced, synthetic brand of eye makeup then there’s a high chance that you gave up on learning what’s in it a quarter way down the ingredients list, after your twentieth ‘-izine’.

The usual makeup brands definitely tend to be more elusive; that’s why there’s already a community the size of a small country who are taking makeup into their own hands and using all natural and organic eye makeup. We’re here to examine what on earth is up with that, and to help you figure out if you should start using natural eye makeup. (Spoiler alert: the answer is yes.)

The #1 Reason to Choose Natural Eye Makeup: Avoid Chemical Nasties

Everything is made up of chemicals; you’re breathing one (and quite a few others!) in right now. There’s chemicals on your skin, in your hair, inside your body- those aren’t the ones we’re going to be nattering on about.

We’re talking about that synthetic gloop that big corporations pump into products to, I don’t know, give it that extra boost? Kill bacteria? Turn your eyelashes into actual live spiders? Enact a plan for world domination? We just don’t know.

Still, they’re there- and some of it is stuff you really don’t want hanging around near your corneas. Stuff like…

Parabens: Pretty much the poster child of toxic ingredients, parabens are added to almost all beauty products as preservatives. Why do they suck? They’re endocrine disruptors with hormone-mimicking effects as well as probably human carcinogens. The only good thing about them is they’re easy to spot on ingredients lists – just look for words that end with -paraben, like propylparaben, butylparaben and methylparaben.

Coal Tar: A known carcinogen banned in the EU but still used in North America, associated with cancer of the lung, bladder, kidney and digestive tract.

And several other nasties – get the list of toxic eyeshadow ingredients to avoid!

But aside from avoiding the bad stuff, what else makes natural eye makeup the obvious choice?

2. Crystal Clear Labelling

Don’t get me wrong- not all natural eye makeup products are easy-breezy. Even natural stuff can turn out not to be the best for you- but with natural eye makeup, it’s so much more easy to tell. Natural eye makeups still sometimes have the confusing suffixes that make you feel like you need a chemistry degree to decipher, but we’re still talking about natural ingredients.

What that fancy 12 letter word probably boils down to is, ‘a plant’. Probably more commonly, ‘an Asian herb’. Gone are the days of shady business reps hiding behind glossy ads of women whose eyelashes don’t seem to want to obey the laws of gravity- pop in a quick Google search and you’ll know what’s up in no time.

3. You’re The Boss (Or Not!)

The natural makeup industry has come leaps and strides from a couple of hippies smearing dirt on their face. Nowadays, you can find all-natural eye makeup at your local drugstore. However, the formulas tend to be so ridiculously easy that you can just make one at home.

Adding in your own ingredients and following a recipe means that you’ll have complete piece of mind, knowing exactly what all of the ingredients are doing. You’ll be able to make absolute certain that your eye makeup routine is 100% good for your eyes and everything else around it.

4. Always Look On Point

Finally, we get around to what I can imagine is probably the biggest concern for people who are looking to get into all-natural makeup – “Does it work?”

You bet your left toe it does. As mentioned before, natural eye makeup is a big thing. It’s not quite mainstream just yet, but hundreds of lab tests on top of thousands upon thousands of testimonials can’t be wrong.

Despite the common misconception, the natural makeup industry is actually as solid and respectable as the synthetic one. You also get the added bonus of a community of people who are 100% willing to smear broccoli on their face- who wouldn’t want to be friends with that?

Not to mention that because natural and organic eye makeup is – obviously – devoid of most harmful chemicals like parabens and heavy metals, the rules don’t really apply to them. For most mainstream makeups, re-applying too much can cause eye irritation, clumpy eyelashes and general eye upset. But if you make the right choices, you really don’t have to worry about that with your natural eye makeup.

Halfway through the day and you’ve somehow managed to sweat off your eyeliner despite literally not having moved from your office chair? Re-apply to your heart’s content. It’s not nearly as dangerous, so go nuts.

Natural eye makeup obviously can’t completely eradicate the ill effects of makeup in general, but it tries its absolute best to minimize any risks associated with putting stuff near your eyes. Those are risks that we take far too often nowadays, and often get hit with the consequences. For the sake of your poor seeing globes, switch to the natural eye makeup route today.

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