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best natural sunscreen

Best Natural Sunscreen Brands for Your Body, Baby, and Beyond

When you’re first starting your green beauty journey, it can feel pretty overwhelming. You run through your house checking ingredient label after toxic ingredient label while fighting the urge to throw absolutely everything in the trash ’cause, well, you do need to put your face on tomorrow for work, right? Totally been there. But as much […]

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natural eyeshadow primer top picks

Natural Eyeshadow Primer: Our Top 3 Picks + DIY Eye Primer

I’m a little in love with the way my eyes look immediately after I’ve applied a fresh coat of eyeshadow. Be it in smoky, evening hues or for a shimmery, bright summer look – there’s nothing quite like eyeshadow to make me feel dressed up. The thing is – that same perfect coat of shadow starts looking pretty […]

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Best natural lip balm

The Natural Lip Balm Showdown: Last Lip Balm Standing

My favorite facial feature is my lips. I got ’em from my mama and they’re fuller than most. Which is a great thing – except they lean toward dry, sensitive and have a tendency to crack and bleed, especially in the winter. And when they get like that, they quickly become the most noticeable feature on […]

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best organic self tanner

What’s the Best Organic Self Tanner? Our Top 3 Picks

It’s officially summertime! And while you may be ecstatic about all of summer’s awesomeness, you – like us – may not be so keen to show off your haven’t-seen-the-sun-in-years, paler-than-pale legs. At the same time, if you’re super pale – spending time in the sun for a natural tan is out of the picture since sunburn is more […]

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