6 Reasons to Choose Natural Lipstick (Hint: Lead Free Lipstick is More Kissable)

A good lipstick can send your self-esteem sky-rocketing; there’s something about stepping out with glossy red lips that just makes you feel inexplicably better about yourself. But let’s face it- by the end of the night you’ve probably gone and licked most of it right off.

Although you might think that losing your sexy sheen is the worst thing about that, studies show that there’s a lot more to be suspicious of.

As recently as 2012, the FDA tested 400 different lipstick shades and found lead in the amounts of seven parts per million. That’s the stuff they used to have in pencils, but had to recall them due to safety hazards. It’s also what they used to have in petrol, but promptly banned it because they were scared of people even breathing the stuff. That’s because it’s a neurotoxin; essentially, when you have too much of it, it can wreak havoc with your brain chemistry and even mess up your IQ. That’s something you definitely don’t want to be making its way to your stomach any time soon.

The FDA states that these low levels of lead don’t pose a health risk, but that’s highly debatable, especially if you’re one of those women who apply lipstick over 24 times a day. That’s quite a lot of lipstick lead to be swallowing over the years.

But wait a minute, before you resign to a life of lipstick abstinence; there are much safer lipsticks out on the market. You tend to find that these are the ones made with all-natural ingredients by brands that actively work to eliminate heavy metal content while providing the sort of lip color we’re all so fond of.

So with that said, what does natural lipstick have to offer in place of synthetic, commercial ones?

1. No Lead in Lipstick (Among Other Things)

Lead isn’t the only toxic metal commonly found in lipstick. Metals like chromium- causing vomiting, diarrhea and dizziness even in small amounts- and aluminium- fevers, headaches, sore throats- are both present in common lipsticks in amounts of 7-35 parts per million.

Long term exposure to these toxins is an internationally acknowledged health risk, and whilst various governments have taken measures to crack down on them, it’s not nearly enough. Because natural lipsticks are made entirely of, well, natural ingredients, all of the unnecessary synthesized heavy metals just aren’t present.

2. Nourish Yourself

Since fruit is a really popular base for a lot of natural lipsticks, they’re actually an unexpected (yet welcome!) source of vitamins. Whilst synthetic lipsticks are away causing serious risks to the user through the use of toxic metals, natural lipsticks work towards upping your recommended daily nourishment (albeit in very small doses).

With that kind of natural goodness, you might actually be encouraged to lick your lips from time to time. Making lipstick out of fruit and other natural, edible products means that your lipstick will be 100% safe to accidentally make a meal out of, and beneficial as well.

3. Get Yourself Hydrated

Say a not-so-heart-felt goodbye to chapped lips. Because you can make DIY lipsticks out of practically anything natural, a lot of people choose to include herbal gems known to provide great moisture.

Some small businesses and slightly larger ones have already jumped on this, so you can get all-natural moisturizing lipstick at the click of a button. Look out for things like beeswax and jojoba oil for an excellent moisturizing treatment with no health compromise.

Of course, nothing beats lip balms for moisture – check out our top picks for all-natural and organic lip balms!

4. Great For Sensitive Lips And Allergies

Aside from some of the nastier components of synthetic lipstick, sometimes all that junk just doesn’t agree with your sensitive lips. Especially when you’re on a budget, it’s common to find lipstick that irritates and cracks the lips. And what do you do if you’re allergic to some of the more popular ingredients in mass-produced lipsticks?

Natural lipsticks gives you a whole new palette of ingredients to work with, so you can finally start rocking that a lovely red that doesn’t come from irritation. And since natural ingredients tend to be gentler and less likely to meet with resistance, you don’t have to worry about other adverse reactions like irritation or cracking.

5. Re-apply All You Like

Lipstick is a flimsy thing, always getting side-tracked on the edges of glasses and being accidentally licked up by their owner. You might already be a little bit fussy about your lipstick running low, but as we’ve already discussed, applying synthetic lipstick more frequently maximizes the amount of toxins you’re taking in. Using natural lipsticks means that you can continue your fervent re-application to your little heart’s content, without any of the dangers involved with heavy metal-dense lipsticks.

6. Kind To Animals

Here’s one for all you animal lovers out there; natural lipsticks tend to be some of the most ethically tested lipsticks you can find. Since the majority of all natural cosmetic brands are also eco conscious and cruelty free, you can rest assured knowing that when you go au naturale, your lipstick wasn’t tested on animals.

And even for the few natural lipstick brands that aren’t cruelty free, at the very least these natural ingredients are as gentle on animals as they are on you.

When they’re put side by side, natural lipsticks overtake synthetic ones by a long shot. For a gentle, hypo-allergenic, moisturizing and animal-friendly coat of color, start switching out your lipsticks ASAP – check out our top picks for natural and organic lipstick brands!

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