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Top 3 Organic Dry Shampoo Brands for Fresh, Lovely-Smelling Hair

So simple yet so freaking helpful, dry shampoo’s become somewhat of a recent trend. But did you know that this stuff’s been around for centuries? Yea, the first historical reference to dry shampoo dates around the late 15th century with people in Asia using clay powder in their hair. As for the States, turns out […]

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best organic eyeliner

6 Best Natural Eyeliner Picks for Paraben-Free Peepers

We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again; eyeliner is amazing. Whether you’re making it up all fancy-like or just using it to define your lash lines, nobody should be without it. It can completely change your aesthetic and make your eyes pop, so there’s really no reason not to use it. And if […]

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7 Natural Concealer Brands for Naturally Flawless Skin

Concealers are like the ultimate cheat sheet when you have acne, blemishes, or just less-than-vibrant skin. Breakouts are barely even an inconvenience when you have the right concealer, and the fact that a lot of concealers have branched out into anti-bacterial acne treatments just make using them that much sweeter. Sadly, though, there’s a lot […]

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best organic eyeshadow brands

Eye Love These 6 Natural, Organic Eyeshadow Brands

Finding the right organic eyeshadow is a tricky business. When you have so many new companies jumping on the bandwagon, how can you tell what’s the real deal? What’s actual eyeshadow and what’s just a pack of dirt somebody decided to stick a label on? You’re bound to find stuff that doesn’t work, stuff that […]

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best organic lip gloss brands

7 Organic Lip Gloss Brands to Love

Ahhh. Lip gloss. We love this gloss-giving lip product many of us are so heavily dependent on to give our lips that daytime, cute-but-not-too-overdone sort of color. We’d go so far as to guess that if Goldilocks had weighed in on lip wear, she would’ve thought lip balm too plain, lipstick too fierce but lip gloss JUST […]

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best organic lipstick brands

Beyond Lead Free Lipstick: 12 Natural, Organic Lipstick Brands We Love

By now, we’ve all sort of processed the fact that commercial, synthetic brands put a whole lot of rubbish in their makeup that can be detrimental to our skin health. Some people choose to put up with their foundation breaking them out or their toxin-laden mascara flaking off into their eyes (ouch!) and that’s entirely […]

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the best natural mascara

The Definitive Guide to Natural Mascara

Your mascara is like your second in command – it gets even better access to your eyes than your eyeliner or eyeshadow does, so you need to be able to trust it. Nobody wants your lovely sight to get damaged, so how do we make sure that you only get the best stuff possible? You’ve […]

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best organic bronzer picks

Best Natural and Organic Bronzer Picks

Well, we’re well into summer, and those of you who were too lazy to get a proper tan – or who burn before they tan, bless your souls – know what that means. It’s time to cheat a little. Bronzer is perfect for us couch potatoes. Don’t feel like spending the day in the sweltering […]

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9 natural deodorants that work

9 Natural Deodorants that Work as Hard as Your Workouts

Let’s be real here; we would be nowhere without our deodorants. A good deodorant is like the ultimate cheat sheet. You’re a little smelly after the gym? Deodorant. You slept in your sweat last night because the weather decided to do a 180 and you can’t handle heat (I mean, theoretically speaking, of course)? Deodorant! […]

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natural facial sunscreen

Top 5 Natural Facial Sunscreen Picks for Oily, Acne-Prone Skin

If finding the best natural sunscreen to cover your body (and those of your loved ones) was tricky – it’s too sticky, too thick, too white, and on and on – hunting down the perfect natural sunscreen for your delicate facial skin can seem a Herculean hurdle. After all, a lot of us have temper tantrum prone skin and the […]

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