Top 3 Organic Dry Shampoo Brands for Fresh, Lovely-Smelling Hair

So simple yet so freaking helpful, dry shampoo’s become somewhat of a recent trend. But did you know that this stuff’s been around for centuries? Yea, the first historical reference to dry shampoo dates around the late 15th century with people in Asia using clay powder in their hair. As for the States, turns out […]

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chlorophyll benefits for skin

6 Chlorophyll Benefits for Skin

You probably already know all the ways that chlorophyll is basically magic. I mean, plant blood that allows herbage to soak up the sun and transform it into food? Heck yeah, that sounds like something Professor Sprout would teach in Harry Potter. Though there hasn’t been enough fuss about the green stuff’s quasi-magical properties, word […]

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beauty uses for coffee grounds

8 Beauty Uses For Coffee Grounds

Smearing old coffee grounds on your face might seem at best pointless and at worst really, really strange. But coffee doesn’t have the same effect on our skin as it does our bodies; in fact, putting coffee on skin provides a powerhouse of beauty benefits. Stayed up late last night finishing that essay and now you have […]

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rosehip oil for acne

Rosehip Oil for Acne? Why It Works for Blemish Prone Skin

Once upon a time, I used to slather my face with night creams in hopes of waking up to rejuvenated, glowing skin. In the morning, I’d wash my face as usual and then reach for another, lighter moisturizer for the daytime and then top that off with yet another layer of primer to help my […]

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why switch to natural eye makeup

Why Natural Eye Makeup is a No Brainer

You might not realize it, but you put a lot of trust into your eye makeup. Your trusty mascara or eyeliner gets VIP access to one of the most vulnerable and sensitive area on your body every morning and is left basically unsupervised. This, along with the fact that eye makeup (mascara especially) flakes off […]

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best organic lip liner

5 Natural and Organic Lip Liner Picks for a Paraben-Free Pucker

Although you won’t find them in a basic makeup routine, lip liners are perfect for getting those full-on lips that celebrity makeup ads are always banging on about. Giving your lips a proper shape or just filling them in does wonders for your pucker, and everyone deserves a little kiss-up from time to time. And […]

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5 Foods that are bad for your skin

Bad Complexion? Avoid the Top 5 Bad For Your Skin Foods

Let’s face it; we all slip up sometimes. Spending ten minutes in the sweets aisle at a supermarket convincing yourself that flooding your belly with sugary chocolate isn’t technically breaking your diet- don’t even try to pretend you haven’t done it. So here’s a little more motivation to trick your dopamine receptors – fatty foods […]

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4 Reasons to Wear Goat Milk for Skin

Goat Milk for Skin? Here’s 4 Reasons to Go There

You might not know it, but you probably have goat’s milk on your face right now. Yup, at this very moment. We know your secrets. Okay, okay, don’t worry; we don’t have a secret security camera watching you at every moment. Neither do we have a telepath on the team (though that would be really […]

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best shampoo alternatives

Top 7 Shampoo Alternatives and Their Pros and Cons

Let’s be real here; your store-bought shampoo probably contains a lot of nasty stuff that you’re spreading onto your precious hair multiple times a week. On the alphabet soup ingredients list at the back, you’ll find known carcinogens- take sodium lauryl glucose or polyethylene glycol (PEG) for instance- hormone disruptors that can mimic estrogen- parabens […]

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best organic eyeliner

6 Best Natural Eyeliner Picks for Paraben-Free Peepers

We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again; eyeliner is amazing. Whether you’re making it up all fancy-like or just using it to define your lash lines, nobody should be without it. It can completely change your aesthetic and make your eyes pop, so there’s really no reason not to use it. And if […]

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