8 cups of beauty tea for skin

What’s the Best Tea for Skin? Here’s the Top 8 Beauty Teas to Sip On

Just realized that there might be a best tea for skin perks? You’re in good company. When it comes to natural beauty and health, we Westies are extremely slow on the draw. It’s places like China and Tibet that really have this whole thing figured out; they’ve been using the natural remedies we all love so […]

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Best natural lip balm

The Natural Lip Balm Showdown: Last Lip Balm Standing

My favorite facial feature is my lips. I got ’em from my mama and they’re fuller than most. Which is a great thing – except they lean toward dry, sensitive and have a tendency to crack and bleed, especially in the winter. And when they get like that, they quickly become the most noticeable feature on […]

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eyeshadow ingredients to avoid

Eyeshadow Ingredients to Avoid: What’s Safe vs What’s Toxic

They say the eyes are the window to the soul. But our pretty peepers are more than that – they’re also windows to our body and like our skin, they can be a route of entry for toxins into our internal system. Add to that the fact that our eyes can easily be harmed by chemicals […]

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why choose natural foundation

Why Go for Natural Foundation? 5 Toxic Reasons to Make the Switch

Foundation can feel like your best friend sometimes. From late night dark eye circles to stubborn-to-fade acne spots, your foundation has your back. But if you’ve ever looked into what’s actually in your trusty foundation, we’re going to guess that its ingredients label didn’t read much like English. As lovely as the cover-up can be, most foundations […]

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all natural makeup benefits

Why Green Beauty? 9 Reasons to Love All Natural Makeup

These days it’s difficult to avoid hearing about the effects of what we put in or on our body. A lot of people have been paying attention and are much more thoughtful about the food they eat, but haven’t made the leap to changing the cosmetics they use. You want to make the switch to […]

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best organic self tanner

What’s the Best Organic Self Tanner? Our Top 3 Picks

It’s officially summertime! And while you may be ecstatic about all of summer’s awesomeness, you – like us – may not be so keen to show off your haven’t-seen-the-sun-in-years, paler-than-pale legs. At the same time, if you’re super pale – spending time in the sun for a natural tan is out of the picture since sunburn is more […]

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raspberry seed oil skin benefits

6 Skin Benefits of Raspberry Seed Oil

Nowadays, super-oils seem to be popping up all over the shop. We’re just now catching on to the fact that naturally occurring oils found in things like fruits and vegetables can be extremely beneficial to not just our health, but our skin as well. That’s not surprising, though – we’re a little bit slow when […]

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how to choose safe sunscreen

The Ultimate Guide to Safe Sunscreen: How to Choose, What to Look for, What to Avoid

Every year around around this time we’re faced with the same, age-old question; how do we make it through these next few months without coming out ever-so-lightly oven baked? While getting some sun is actually good for you (vitamin D! natural enzymes! yay!) – you do need to protect yourself, especially if you plan on hanging […]

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