3 manuka honey benefits for skin

Manuka Honey Skin Benefits: 3 Reasons to Wear a Manuka Honey Mask

So you’re in the know about honey and all of its super-sweet skin benefits and one particular type of honey has really piqued your interest. Yes, we’re referring to Manuka, which has been on many people’s natural skin care radars thanks to its highly potent natural antibacterial properties – perfect for those of us with acne-prone skin. And […]

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best organic eyeshadow brands

Eye Love These 6 Natural, Organic Eyeshadow Brands

Finding the right organic eyeshadow is a tricky business. When you have so many new companies jumping on the bandwagon, how can you tell what’s the real deal? What’s actual eyeshadow and what’s just a pack of dirt somebody decided to stick a label on? You’re bound to find stuff that doesn’t work, stuff that […]

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best tea for weight loss

What’s the Best Tea for Weight Loss? Take Your Pick

Stuck on those last few pounds? Didn’t make it to the gym today because One Tree Hill just got put on Netflix? We feel your pain. Thankfully, there’s something we can do for you. Teas – particularly Eastern ones – definitely seem to be cropping up everywhere nowadays. You might as well think they’re some […]

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best organic lip gloss brands

7 Organic Lip Gloss Brands to Love

Ahhh. Lip gloss. We love this gloss-giving lip product many of us are so heavily dependent on to give our lips that daytime, cute-but-not-too-overdone sort of color. We’d go so far as to guess that if Goldilocks had weighed in on lip wear, she would’ve thought lip balm too plain, lipstick too fierce but lip gloss JUST […]

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does 100 percent aloe vera gel exist?

100% Aloe Vera Gel: Does It Exist?

Okay, so we already know aloe vera’s pretty cool. It’s got heaps of benefits and there are some surprisingly awesome aloe vera uses we all want to jump on. But where do you get this stuff? I mean, where do you get the good, pure stuff? If you’ve ever gone on the quest to find […]

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best organic lipstick brands

Beyond Lead Free Lipstick: 12 Natural, Organic Lipstick Brands We Love

By now, we’ve all sort of processed the fact that commercial, synthetic brands put a whole lot of rubbish in their makeup that can be detrimental to our skin health. Some people choose to put up with their foundation breaking them out or their toxin-laden mascara flaking off into their eyes (ouch!) and that’s entirely […]

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9 ways to use apple cider vinegar for skin

9 Ways to Use Apple Cider Vinegar for Skin, Hair, and Overall Beauty

The skincare community is filled with a bunch of creative, wacky folk. It’s no surprise that you crazy kids have come up with a lot of different unique ways to use apple cider vinegar for skin, hair, scalp, and some other body parts we won’t include here. Feel free to make up your own- we […]

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the best natural mascara

The Definitive Guide to Natural Mascara

Your mascara is like your second in command – it gets even better access to your eyes than your eyeliner or eyeshadow does, so you need to be able to trust it. Nobody wants your lovely sight to get damaged, so how do we make sure that you only get the best stuff possible? You’ve […]

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best organic bronzer picks

Best Natural and Organic Bronzer Picks

Well, we’re well into summer, and those of you who were too lazy to get a proper tan – or who burn before they tan, bless your souls – know what that means. It’s time to cheat a little. Bronzer is perfect for us couch potatoes. Don’t feel like spending the day in the sweltering […]

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natural SPF

Natural SPF Oils: Can You Use Natural Oils as Sunscreen?

Summertime has finally rolled around, which means that everyone and their gran is looking for an all-natural way to stay safe in the sun. And we do love our naturally occurring oils here, so it’s not much surprise that people have turned to oils taken from things like carrots and raspberry seeds for some extra […]

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