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best types of honey for skin

Best Types of Honey for Skin Care: The Only Guide You’ll Need

I know this is going to sound weird, but stay with me: honey. To wash your face. Still with me? Cool. Because you are going to thank yourself for sticking around (get it? Sticking around? Honey? Cause honey is sticky?) Horrible puns aside, honey for skin care just makes sense. This stuff is antimicrobial, a […]

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benefits of yogurt on skin

Is Yogurt Good for Your Face? 8 Benefits of Yogurt for Skin

Ah, beautiful creamy delicious yogurt. It’s a super duper beauty food we all have access to and quite possibly one of the most underrated. God knows why it’s mostly marketed as something to “keep you regular” – and sure, it helps – when it is so, so much more than that. Yogurt is a skin care […]

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natural lipstick benefits

6 Reasons to Choose Natural Lipstick (Hint: Lead Free Lipstick is More Kissable)

A good lipstick can send your self-esteem sky-rocketing; there’s something about stepping out with glossy red lips that just makes you feel inexplicably better about yourself. But let’s face it- by the end of the night you’ve probably gone and licked most of it right off. Although you might think that losing your sexy sheen is […]

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5 phthalate free perfume brands under $50

5 Phthalate Free Perfume Brands Under $50

So you’re in the know about phthalates (pronounced “THAL-ates”) and now want to banish them from your life. Totally understandable. After all, these funky-sounding chemicals come with a disturbing range of health and developmental risks that are enough to turn you off even your favorite perfume. Or cologne. ‘Cause as research shows – high phthalate levels have […]

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awesome aloe vera uses

15 Aloe Vera Uses for Your Skin, Hair and…Other Body Parts

We all probably remember aloe vera as that really cold stuff our moms used to put on our cuts when we’d gone and fallen down a hole or something. Who could forget that chilly, soothing feeling that made header-ing the cement a weirdly pleasant experience? Well, you don’t have to leave aloe vera behind just […]

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8 cups of beauty tea for skin

8 Cups of Beauty Tea: Best Teas to Drink for Holistic Beauty Benefits

When it comes to natural beauty and health, we Westies are extremely slow on the draw. It’s places like China and Tibet that really have this whole thing figured out; they’ve been using the natural remedies we all love so much for centuries. We’re just now catching on to what those secret gems have to offer, […]

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eyeshadow ingredients to avoid

Eyeshadow Ingredients to Avoid: What’s Safe vs What’s Toxic

They say the eyes are the window to the soul. But our pretty peepers are more than that – they’re also windows to our body and like our skin, they can be a route of entry for toxins into our internal system. Add to that the fact that our eyes can easily be harmed by chemicals […]

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why choose natural foundation

Why Go for Natural Foundation? 5 Toxic Reasons to Make the Switch

Foundation can feel like your best friend sometimes. From late night dark eye circles to stubborn-to-fade acne spots, your foundation has your back. But if you’ve ever looked into what’s actually in your trusty foundation, we’re going to guess that its ingredients label didn’t read much like English. As lovely as the cover-up can be, most foundations […]

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all natural makeup benefits

Why Green Beauty? 9 Reasons to Love All Natural Makeup

These days it’s difficult to avoid hearing about the effects of what we put in or on our body. A lot of people have been paying attention and are much more thoughtful about the food they eat, but haven’t made the leap to changing the cosmetics they use. You want to make the switch to […]

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raspberry seed oil skin benefits

6 Skin Benefits of Raspberry Seed Oil

Nowadays, super-oils seem to be popping up all over the shop. We’re just now catching on to the fact that naturally occurring oils found in things like fruits and vegetables can be extremely beneficial to not just our health, but our skin as well. That’s not surprising, though – we’re a little bit slow when […]

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